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An exhibition stand design is very important advertising tool which helps in the brand building of a company in an exhibition or a trade show event. In a trade show all the companies of same niche and customers looking for a particular service or product come together under a single roof and their single motive is to look for new business opportunities. This is the reason your trade show booth design helps a lot in building your corporate image.

In a trade show event all the prospect clients and business associates have lot of choice available at a glance so your exhibition stand design should stand apart and it should relate with the high standards of products and services that you are offering.  An outstanding stall design always helps in building faith in about the exhibitor the mind of the booth visitors.

The exhibition organizing body generally provides the stall space in shell scheme that means they provide walls, facia, discussion table, executive chairs, basic lighting, electric socket, etc. which will just serve your basic needs but you can also go for a raw space where as an exhibitor you will only get electric supply from the exhibition organizers. On a raw space you can hire a professional exhibition stand design company that will manage all the work for you.

The exhibition design company will first of all take your feedback of requirements and then come up with a creative design or theme that will suit your taste and requirements. The stall design should be supportive to the kind of products and services you are dealing in. The design will also depend on your budget. The budget is very important factor because it will affect the designer’s creativity. There are always some strict guidelines that are given by the trade show organizers. You need to share those guidelines with the stall designers. These guidelines may affect the look and feel of the stall. For instance there can be a height restriction so you may not go for a mezzanine floor.

Once you finalize the design the exhibition stall design company will start the fabrication work in their ware house. At times the trade show organizing body allocates the space a few days in advance so that the stall fabrication can be done on site. The allocation is done by marking the space by chalk. In case you get the stall possession well in advance its good to fabricate the stall on site otherwise the stall fabricator has to transport the pre-fabricated material from his warehouse and do the finishing job on site.
The relation and communication between the stall design agency and the client is key to a successful working relation.

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Exhibition Stand Design

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This article was published on 2011/02/26